How To Become A Pastor

If you want to know how to become a pastor, you will have to follow the right techniques or else you will fail. Pastors serve God; hence, they are expected to be actual theists. You will not be able to become a pastor if you hold on to agnostic or atheistic belief systems. Atheists are in conflict with theists in many parts of the world because of their disbelief in God. The simple steps below show you how to become a pastor.

To become a pastor, you need:

  • Holy Spirit
  • Theistic values which are part of Christianity
  • KJV (King James Version) Bible
  • Church
  1. You need to possess the Holy Spirit in order to become a pastor. The Holy Ghost is part of the Holy Trinity (God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, Holy Spirit) and you need Him. God is the Holy Spirit and He has to live inside you before you can become a pastor. Good pastors who have the Holy Spirit are likely to obey the Ten Commandments and preach the Gospel. The Holy Spirit compels preachers to obey the Fourth Commandment as it's about the Sabbath (Saturday). Pastors who don't have the Holy Spirit are not called by God to spread the Gospel. It's essential for pastors to have the Holy Ghost speaking through them so that they can avoid getting into trouble. Many bad pastors have achieved failure because they were unable to repent of their sins before getting behind altars.
  2. Follow and maintain theistic values which are part of Christianity. You need to have Christian morals in order to become a pastor. Christians who have theistic values believe that Satan and God exist. Such Christians believe that worshipping small gods is a sin. People who have no theistic values are unlikely to bow to a deity.
  3. Make sure that you are a Christian if you want to become a pastor.  If you want to become a pastor, abhor all gods and uphold the God of Abraham. Pastors are supposed to worship only the living God. Don't enter a Mosque to pray to Allah in the future.
  4. Read the Bible and pack your mind with the Word of God. Pastors are supposed to read the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible for great quotations on a daily basis. There are so many Bibles in the world, but only the KJV contains unchanged doctrines.
  5. Join a denominational church which worships God on Saturdays. Pastors are supposed to be part of churches which keep the Mosaic Laws. Nevertheless, it's not impossible for a pastor to setup a small church that is made up of his own friends and family members.



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