How To Hook Up Laptop To TV

Ever find yourself watching a movie or playing a game on your laptop, and find yourself wondering how to hook up a laptop to a TV? Well, you should be relieved to know it's not difficult at all, and the supplies needed to do so are minimal. With so many amazing games and capabilities that laptops now have, the ability to plug into and use much larger screens as a monitor is, as we say from my neck of the woods, kick-ass. Follow these instructions, and it won't be long before you're watching movies in full quality on your TV via your laptop.

What you'll need to hook up your laptop to a TV:

  • Laptop with HDMI or S-Video output.
  • TV with HDMI or S-Video input.
  • An HDMI or S-Video cable.
  1. Most laptops have S-Video outputs, but some have HDMI as well, pick accordingly. Hook your HDMI or S-Video cable into the laptop output, be sure that the laptop is close enough to the TV to reach, but also close enough to allow you to use as well. Otherwise, you'll not be pleased with sitting two feet in front of a massive TV to use your laptop.
  2. Hook your HDMI or S-Video cable into your TV's input, make sure the cable is secure. 
  3. On your laptop, right click the desktop, and click "Personalize" or "Properties" depending on the version of Windows running on your system. Then hit "Display Settings".
  4. Click "Identify Monitors", and numbers should appear on your laptop and TV screen. If the TV screen is blank, surf through your channels to find the right channel for your cable. Also check the cable itself and make sure it's fully plugged in.
  5. Once the laptop confirms the TV as a monitor, you're good to go!



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